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Aquatic Risk Consultancy


RLSS (I) and its components have considerable experience in rescue operations, having initiated training of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in the country. It has also been appointed as consultant to various local councils in matters relating to aquatic safety. Through regular advocacy, consultancy, safety audits and risk assessments, RLSS (I) aims to educate and develop new methods to improve safety and administration at venues.

A full Aquatic Risk Assessment and Audit comprises of:

  • Recommendations on proper facility design and construction
  • Recommendation for the removal of unnecessary and dangerous equipment
  • Information on safe and non hazardous chemicals that may be used to ensure good quality of water
  • Risk mitigation strategies and remedies for identified threats to public safety
  • Development and the constitution of aquatic safety rules and regulations
  • Recommendation of the use and importance of proper signage
  • Recommendations on the necessary lifesaving services including personnel training, coverage, communication methods and emergency backup