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Become a volunteer:

RLSS (I) beckons all Indians to join forces in the Indian Lifesaving Movement and adopt its programmes, schemes and centers as a part of the community. We need to join hands to together work towards preventing accidental deaths amongst our people.
There are various ways in which people can volunteer their time.
You could become an activity supervisor in a Swim N Survive Programme. An activity supervisor looks after the safety, well being and general discipline during Swim N Survive lessons. Or you could assist with promotional events and awareness demonstrations which RLSS (I) conducts at various locations across the country. On becoming a volunteer, you will get the pleasure and satisfaction of being part of a movement which saves lives. Therefore, with limited time to offer, you can still do your bit for the community.
If you’re not interested in performing aquatic rescues as a lifesaver, but still interested in volunteering your time next to water, you can join a local center at your nearest pool, lake or beach.
The possibilities are endless. To find out how you can volunteer your time, contact now.

Become a Trainer:

Learning lifesaving skills gives a person the power to take action and choose between life and death. RLSS (I) offers public training courses all over India that give people the vital skills. But due to our large population, we are always in search for more torch bearers to carry our message to the masses. These people are our Trainers.
Our trainers are normal people who have been empowered with the skills to impart knowledge through courses in a modular and structured manner. If someone is looking to be individually trained, for a family member, a community group or the entire office staff, our trainers provide them with the right training solution. Our trainers are knowledgeable, motivated and qualified to do so.
As a trainer, you will be internationally certified, get a chance to travel to places, receive opportunities where you could meet and interact more like minded people and also earn a living. To learn more write to info@lifesavingindia.org or contact us.

Become a lifeguard

The Indian Lifeguard service provides career opportunities for aspiring lifeguards. Every lifeguard has a defined career pathway and fulfill roles ranging from entry level lifeguard to lifeguard supervisor. People with the potential to do more can also learn the operation of high speed watercraft, advanced medical equipment and radio communications. These lifeguards perform the role of keeping our pools, lake and beaches safe and great places to have fun.
Becoming a lifeguard is a challenging but exciting opportunity to convert your passion into pay. As part of a leader in lifesaving services, our lifeguards must demonstrate high levels of fitness, excellent rescue skills, good PR potential and great professionalism.
The minimum criteria for lifeguards are as follows:

  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • Qualified in first aid and trauma management
  • Qualified for the environmental condition in which he/she operates such as pool, lake and beach
  • Spinal management
  • Operation of oxygen systems

To kickstart your lifeguard career contact us

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