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Rescue Watercraft Operator

The aim of this course is to help develop the skills and knowledge of course candidates to safely and effectively drive an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB). Candidates will also develop knowledge and skills to enable them to demonstrate competence in the nationally recognised unit(s) of competency.


Rescue Watercraft Operator – Course Contents

  • List the duties of an RWC Operator
  • List the safety considerations when operating an RWC
  • Launch an RWC safely and efficiently
  • Safely and efficiently negotiate the surf while driving an RWC
  • Perform emergency procedures
  • Perform conscious, unconscious patient pick-ups and complex rescue operations including swimming rescues, sailboarder and kite surfer rescues
  • Contribute to search and rescue operations; liaising effectively with other emergency response services as required
  • Identify the components of an RWC
  • Perform pre and post operational checks and preventative maintenance of the RWC and sled
  • Perform re-start procedure after immersion in the surf
  • Report major wear or damage according to organisational procedures.

Rashtriya Life Saving Society India – Benefits

  • Onsite Training for a minimum of 15 participants per course.
  • Training available 7 days a week at a preferred location and time.
  • RLSS (I) has full – time professional trainers so the training delivered is of the highest quality.
  • Flexible training options to suit a trainee’s availability.
  • Custom Training solutions to suit the profile of an organisation and employees so that they can conquer emergencies that they are most exposed to on a day to day basis.
  • Public training courses available at various locations in India.
  • All essential First Aid and Safety Equipment including oxygen and defibrillators are available at market competitive rates.